Configuring You Amazon Affiliate Settings
How to use the Deep Linker
How to use the Short Linker


Grab an affiliate link any way you like. Here, I’m getting a short link from site stripe on

Copy the link, then return to the shortlink generator page over on Shortlink Generator – and paste in into the input field:

Click “Generate URL” and the new deep linked short link will be created:

You’ll notice that the long URL is included in the results so that you can verify where users will be redirected when using the short link we’ve created. On occassion, Amazon will block our requests and will send users to an error page on their site. We check for some of these issues, but revealing where users will be taken helps you to be aware of any problems as well.

Post the short link as noted in the screenshot to your socials. It should look like{eight_characters_here}