Configuring You Amazon Affiliate Settings
How to use the Deep Linker
How to use the Short Linker


To use the deeplink generator, you’ll need to get the Full Link from Amazon, or from whichever app you’re trying to deeplink to (Walmart, Target, Pinterest, etc). For this example, we’ll show Amazon, since that’s the most common link people use.

Getting the Full Link is much easier to do in a web browser with SiteStripe. Simply click the “Text” link under the “Get Link” SiteStripe Menu item on Click the “Full Link” radio button and copy the link.

Browse back to Deeplink Generator – and paste the URL into the form field. Then click “Copy Link”

You should see a confirmation message along with a result link. The link in the Result box is the deep linked URL you should share to your social channels.

Sometimes these links are too long for social media sites (like Instagram). Specifically, links to lists and pictures can be too long. If that happens, use the shortlink generator instead.